Enter The Grid was born in 2014 when two music fans met, estalished since several years on the web and on the dance floors:

NeurofunkGrid YouTube Channel and Kosen Production, label and events promoter.

Driven by a common passion, the two activists realized that it was time to offer their audience something special, bringing together the best talents from the Neurofunk scene. They decided to build a roster of artists among the most influential of the moment and to create a visual identity that reflects this dark and organic universe.




Kosen Production was founded in 2011, after more than 10 years of cultural activism in Toulouse’s landscape. With its experience in event’s creation and development and supported by a collective gathering musicians, graphic artists, vj, the structure is quickly becoming a key point of contact of the French electronic scene.
Kosen prod began a Brazilian tour late 2008 and creates an office in Sao Paulo in order to establish an exchange process and discover new talents. Therefore, the collective formed a network, providing many Toulouse artists the opportunity to compete against other international players.
In 2010 Kosen Prod finally brings together all the human and technical ingredients to deliver ambitious like Konnect and Koalition festivals with Karnage Rec, which were attended by 15,000 people every year since. But it was also time for an outward vision with an eastern European tour in spring 2011.
Kosen prod launches its own Bass Music oriented label in 2012. In 2015 the team achieved its 2014 projects and created new ones through a European tour, new releases and partnerships abroad.
The Label included producers as The Clamps, dj Hidden, Nickbee, Mean teeth, Signs …
In 2017, Kosen Prod also expanded his relationships with America Latina managing a tour for his Colombians partners in Europe in events like the Paris Electronic Week, the Electro Alternativ and the Techno Parade.
Kosen Prod remains an association that keeps as goal to increase its exchanges in France or in neighboring countries, but above all to support artists by allowing them to attend the international stages and develop their careers.

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Mens sana

What initially was a small YouTube channel born from the desire to promote Neurofunk, NeurofunkGrid is now the primary source of new music and information in the Neurofunk scene, with over 33,000 fans on Facebook and with more than 54,000 subscribers on YouTube.
Over the years, NeurofunkGrid has allowed unknown producers go large by providing them a platform to showcase their music on, a platform that helped shape the careers of talented producers such as Joe Ford, Memtrix, L 33, Emperor and many more.
At the same time, NeurofunkGrid have also worked with some of the biggest names in the scene such as Noisia, Phace, Misanthrop and Black Sun Empire on the producer side of things, and Lifted Music, Virus Recordings, Neosignal and Metalheadz among other prestigious labels.
The group behind the channel is composed of Axel, a French drum and bass addict residing in Montpellier in the south of France, who founded the channel in 2010 and nurtured it from it’s humble beginnings and Sampo, a Finnish bass music diplomat currently stationed in London, who joined the group to help the channel grow to where it’s now and beyond.

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