“This year has been nothing short of amazing” – An interview with Barbarix


Rencently signed to the agency, we caught up with Steven for a little chat about today, tomorrow and Neurofunk in general.


Hey man, we’re really pleased to welcome you in NeurofunkGrid and Kosen’s Enter The Grid agency, could you introduce yourself?

Barbarix: Hi mate, It’s an absolute pleasure to be a part of the ETG family and I fully appreciate your support. My name is Steven and I express myself via music under the name Barbarix.



You recently released on Prolix’s Trendkill Records, Mayan Audio and just now on RAM Records, 2016 seems to be your year! What can we expect from you in the near future?

B: Thanks man, yeah this year has been nothing short of amazing and I pinch myself everyday just to make sure it’s all real! I have a few releases ready to drop in December on Ram Records, Renegade Hardware & Mehtlab Recordings. I’m also working on an ep for Trendkill Records as well as new music for Mayan Audio. Also collabs with Volatile Cycle, Kyrist, Nuklear MC, Yen, Jeopardize & Hijak MC.



We also witnessed a special love story between you and Volatile Cycle, which gave birth to a new project called “Sphere”, signed on RAM straight away, could you tell us how it happened?

B: Yeah I have so much love for those guys! They’ve really helped me grow as an artist and massively pushed my name within the Drum & Bass scene, which I can’t thank them enough for. So the lads and I started collaborating on music around a year ago and instantly hit it off. We’ve made tons of music all on different vibes so we thought it would be best for some of it to come under a new alias. The RAM Records signing came about after Jim (RAM Label Manager) heard a clip of “Cry For You” that Dan VC had posted online. Dan & Jim had some back forth chatting about the track before Jim asked for the clip to be removed as he wanted to sign it to RAM Records. We’re blown away by the support and belief that RAM has shown us. We’ve sent them some other tracks that they’re very interested in too so we look forward to hearing the final words about them soon. At this very moment in time “Sphere” is not signed to RAM Records but we’re hopping that we can make that dream become a reality some time in the future.



What’s your view on the current Neurofunk scene, any artists who stand out for you?

B: The scene has amazing labels like Eatbrain, Blackout, Vision, Critical, Titan, Methlab, Trendkill, Neosignal & Mayan Audio who are constantly pushing the boundaries and bringing through new artists to help progress and move the scene forward. With stand out albums from head honchos Noisia, Rido, Emperor & Misanthrop too music from relatively new and stand out artists like Tobax, Segment & Concept Vision aka Synergy, Chee, Kutlo & VLTRN I’d say the scene is in a very good place right now.



Thanks a lot Steven!

B: Massive thanks man always a pleasure to catch up. Thanks to everyone who has supported my music over the years too, it really means a lot to me. BIG UPS!!!

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