YouTube channel NeurofunkGrid and Kosen Prod team up to set up a tour on Europe’s roads and take care of promising artist’s careers, this in Drum’n’Bass and Neurofunk aesthetics. Enter The Grid seeks to bring together the expertise and experience of its founders to give the scene a new impulse by shattering it with its own imprint. To achieve their ends, Kosen Prod and Neurofungrid recruited a dozen of international artists, vj’s and technicians, to form a complete team capable of investing clubs throughout Europe.

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Let It Roll 2016 – NeurofunkGrid Stage

This week-end we’ve been lucky enough to participate to the most monstrous line-up ever, the biggest dnb dance-floor ever made, to share our passion with people from dozens of nationalities. Long story short, NeurofunkGrid went to Let It Roll and we had the best time ever. Pics, videos and more are coming from our artists so stay tuned! Much love to our team and everyone who joined us on this night: AKOV, Shyun, Cruk, Volatile Cycle, Signs, The Clamps, Khronos, NickBee, Innate MC, Nuklear MC, Semitone, BEESU, KOSEN PRODUCTION and many more. This will stay in our memories forever.

NeurofunkGrid Bristol (2016)

NeurofunkGrid Slovakia (2016)





Created by Karnage Records, Koalition Festival was born in 2005 and created a turning point by offering an eclectic setup, uniting all the components of the electronic scene. From 2011 the festival takes places on two nights, offering 8 stages and more than 80 artists, vjs & performers. Thanks to a sharp line-up, the event is always bringing more audience and became a reference on the scene. In 2014, Kosen Prod & NeurofunkGrid had the opportunity to setup the Drum’n’Bass stage of the festival, named «The Evil Grid» for the occasion. Optiv & BTK, Billain b2b Mefjus, Rawtekk, Opsen & Primal Therapy and many more were present in front of a raging dancefloor!





On Friday, February 21, 2014 Kosen prod and NeurofunkGrid teamed up for a first collaboration. This was the launch of «Enter The Grid», a 100% Neurofunk event in Toulouse (FR). This collaboration allowed to showcase artists at the forefront of the movement, international established artists or extremely promising talents. Sharp artists that satisfied both purists and lovers of dark and energetic Drum’n’Bass! A massive line-up was forged for the occasion: Chris.SU, Billain, Engage, NickBee, Dementia, Opsen & Primal Therapy, Landscapers & Hanbleceya. As usual the Pink City crowd was present!