The Clamps & TR Tactics collab forthcoming on Addictive Behaviour


Addictive Behaviour just announced its new release featuring The Clamps & TR Tactics collaboration : Topology.

Out now:

The Clamps & TR Tactics

Addictive Behaviour finish off a strong year with their final release of 2015, coinciding with the launch of their first label party on the 04th December @ Konnect London. Two hefty, break neck neuro monsters recruiting regular label contributor and hotshot producer L33 and the scrupulous engineered and creative production talents of TR Tactics and the Clamps who collaborate on the flip.

Opening with the eerie spookiness of a crypt, the dark, synth chord progressions lead a path to glassy hats and skeletal shuffling breaks before dropping into unrestrained, bouncing, ratcheting bass fluctuations. Spiralling distorted synth hits and a viciously snappy, spatially dimensioned drum pattern takes you through a porthole to the darkest back channels of DNB.

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