The Clamps signed on Prolix’s Trendkill Records

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Trendkill continues to ensure that underlooked neurofunk producers get as much exposure as they deserve. Last time it was a very promising guy called Sustance and this time it’s The Clamps – a name you likely haven’t heard before, if you are not too devoted to the scene. This guy has been making great tunes for a couple of years now, but this time the stakes are much higher – he has a brand new release on Trendkill. And he totally deserves such an honour! No doubt, this EP will be our favorite release from him and an amazing addition to the Trendkill discography. Every tune is noteworthy and has some sick atmosphere (especially “Strains”) and a nasty drop in it. It’s hard to choose the best tunes and there’s no need to – all 3 are top-level bangers. We were quite surprised by such a great release and hope to hear more of this goodness from The Clamps this year, because it’s damn powerful.

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Release Date: 13 August 2015

Catalogue Number: TKRUK010

Label: Trendkill Records


The Clamps also hosted the latest Killcast !

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