The rise of Spanish Neurofunk – An interview with Maniatics


Neurofunk is getting stronger and stronger in the spanish territory with acts like Impak, Kursiva, Voltage Voodoo, Kung, Picota & Kumbh. Today we welcome three of the most famous Andalucia ambassadors, Maniatics!


Hey guys, welcome to the agency! could you introduce yourself?

Hey guys! We’re Maniatics, a Drum and Bass trio from Los Palacios, a village from Sevilla. We became friends more than 10 years ago because we love electronic music and have been producing music since then. Five years ago we decided to start making music together as Maniatics.


What’s the story behind the Maniatics trio and how is it to work all together?

Before being Maniatics we all worked and studied so we could only use our free time to make music, just as a hobby.  We starting producing different genres like Breakbeat, Dubstep and some Drum and Bass until we decided to focus on Neurofunk, which is what we love! We now work very well together and we understand each other perfectly but we work on our own sometimes.


Where do you find your influences?

We like to listen to different kinds of music! But the genre we listen the most is Neurofunk so we can get more used to the sound when it comes to work in the studio. It helps us all to really push things and improve our quality every day.


Spain is boiling at the moment, there’s more and more acts bursting in the Neuro scene, how is it from the inside?

Yes! We are very proud that here in Spain, and particularly in Andalucia, people are listening to a lot of Neurofunk. This is very inspirational for us and gives us the energy to keep on making tunes hahahaha We really hope the Drum and Bass scene keeps on growing all over Spain.


2016 seemed to be quite a big milestone for you guys with your signature on Titan, how was it and what’s the next step?

Hahahaha well… When we heard that Titan Records wanted to sign us we couldn’t believe it! Being part of such a big label has been the biggest milestone in our careers, it gave us strength and confidence to work more. We also released an Ep on Kosen Production, which made us very happy. The next step is now to collab with big artists.


Which artists and labels are you following lately?

Hhmm.. We follow a lot of them! I’d say Phace, Mefjus, Neonlight, etc… just to name a few, but I reckon we listen to every single Neurofunk producer hahaha. And labels… we also like all of them! I think we could say that Blackout, Eatbrain, Critical, etc.. are among our favourites.
Thanks a lot guys!

Thank you very much and a big up from Maniatics!


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