“It’s a proud moment to see how strong this music scene is” – An Interview with Nuklear MC

Recently signed to the ETG family, we get to know more about Hal, the guy behind this strong voice and muscles!


Hey Hal, welcome in the ETG family! Could you introduce yourself?

Hello, My name is Hal AKA Nuklear MC. When i was 8 years old, my parents left me on my own at a Christmas tree farm for nearly 2 hours. So I’m glad you have welcomed me into your family because i haven’t forgotten about them doing that.



We’ve been seeing you hosting alongside The Upbeats, Mob Tactics, Audio and representing for RAM Records, Eatbrain and NeurofunkGrid at Let It Roll festival this year, it seems quite a few things has been ticked off the bucket list this year, how do you feel about it?

So far, i feel very humbled to have worked alongside some great artists and also honoured to have been involved in the great events and projects that have been put on throughout this last year. Sometimes it doesn’t feel real when it’s all happening at the time, but then i remember that it is happening, so i had better take the silly amazed look off of my face and try to look at least a little bit cool. It was my first time at Let It Roll this year and that is special enough as it is, but being able to host for NeuroFunkGrid, Eatbrain and Ram made it a memory that i will never forget and always cherish. To see so many people from so many different places of the world all join forces and coming together for one thing….. Drum & Bass!!! It’s a proud moment to really see how strong this music scene is. Moments like these are the ones that i live for.



You’ve been extremely busy release wise also, what were your favourite collaborations this year and why?

Well to be honest, all the collabs I’ve worked on this year have been a good laugh. I think it’s one of the most important things when you are working on music. Have fun with it and enjoy the whole thing. The end results usually come out good when you are feeling a bit more laid back and don’t see it as something you “have to do” or “get finished”. And all the people I’ve collaborated with so far have all been rather down to earth and cool just to connect with and take the piss out of. If you hear a track I’ve done with someone and it’s not good, it’s probably because the other guy is a prick. Definitely not me 😀



Any project you can speak about for 2017?

Well I’ve got some really cool things happening next year but nothing i can really talk about right now. I haven’t even told my own mother yet (but that’s because she left me at Christmas tree farm). All shall be revealed soon though.



Any artists who stand out for you?

There are so many, but in terms of rising stars i would have to give Kritix a shout. The guys got some serious material and i think he’s going shake up the scene when he drops some of it.



Thanks a lot man!

And thank you to you guys for adopting me and welcoming me into your family. I can now leave a good bye note for my parents along with a load of abusing language


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