Impak new release on Ammunition Recordings

Impak’s The visitors EP is out now on Ammunition Recordings.

Impak The Visitors EP Cover

We’re truly honored to be bringing you the next release from Impak, fresh of the heels of his Pterodactyl EP, and still basking in the mighty, radioactive glow of the success of his Strange Days remix. It loads 7.62mm, the selective fire switch features seguro, tiro a tio, rafaga, and the patented ArsenalCorp 4-round burst, and it features a roller-delayed blowback bolt carrier system. Imported direct from el Instituto Nacional de Industria, these rounds are DIRTY! Comes with a free cleaning kit and 2 bottles of ArsenalCorp dry impregnated CLP. The bolt head and supporting angular locking piece are what is referred to as “semi-rigid”, but we promise your motivated listeners will be WAY beyond merely “semi-rigid” when you drop this madness on their collectively nodding heads. That’s right, it’s being used as an alternative to viagra for porn stars world-wide. The Visitors EP is effective at long ranges as well as close quarters, comes equiped with a 3 prong flash suppressor, and will fit an underbarrel mounted grenade launcher for when you misplace your keys.

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Tracklist :
The Visitors (Original Mix)
Spiral (Original Mix)
Roars (Original Mix)
Node (Original Mix)

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