From Crossbreed & Hardcore to Drum & Bass – An interview with Triamer & Nagato

Triamer Nagato

Meet Alex & Dima, our new addition to the Enter The Grid roster coming from Russia.

Hello guys, happy to have you onboard, could you introduce yourself for the people who don’t know you yet?

Hi all! And we’re happy to join your big family. We are Alex and Dima from the southern city of Russia – Krasnodar! We’ve been writing music for 4 years together and before we were swimming in the sea of music separately. Over the years we’ve gained experience and we continue to do what we love.

How did you guys meet and what’s your creative process as a duo?

Alex (Triamer) wrote to me on Soundcloud and offered to make a joint track. I lived in the suburbs of Krasnodar and I arrived the next day in his studio. We made a track then another one and thought, why not unite! So it started =)

The process of creating a collab differs from solo work! It often happens that Nagato starts the idea and we continue to do it together at the Studio, but it is always different! We spend a lot of time in the Studio, trying not to deviate from our sound.

You’re around since quite a while now, producing mainly crossbreed but you also started to explore the Neuro side of the force recently, how did you came to this?

Yes, our basic style is crossbreed and hardcore, for the last two years we only wrote that stuff.

We wouldn’t call it Neurofunk, for us it’s drum and bass. At the moment we are trying to find our sound in that direction, we want to preserve the melody and the dancing in this music! Also we are very interested in what currently happens on stage with this kind of music, we want to meet this crowd.

The Russian scene is often seen as a special place in the Drum & Bass world, what’s your view about it?

We believe that Russia has a lot of talented guys, but we all have to evolve and do what we love! A special place? Maybe because lately a lot of guys got on top labels, before there were no such things! The sound began to progress in the right direction.

What can we expect from you during 2017?

We finished releases for Kosen production as well for the Future Sickness rage records! Our release on Yellow stripe will be available soon also, which included collabs with Nanotek, Cooh, The Clamps and Sinister Souls!

At the moment we are working on a big release for PRSPCT, we hope to release it at the end of the year.

Which artists and labels are standing up for you lately?

Our tastes slightly changed! At the moment we really like Ivy Lab, it is a revolution for us! We like The Clamps, Black Sun Empire, State of mind, Noisia for sure!

About crossbreed and hardcore music its Detest, Gancher & Ruin, The Playah, Brutale team, Noize Suppressor and for sure The Outside Agency

Thanks a lot guys, see you on stage very soon!!!

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