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A plethora of MC’s have risen and fallen but one name has consistently climbed the ranks and secured his place within some of the world’s biggest drum and bass events. It gives me great pleasure to present Innate MC.

Starting from very humble beginnings, Lewis Edwards AKA Innate MC slowly built his reputation within the Neurofunk scene, gaining irrefutable support from some of the biggest names in the industry. Due, in part to the stern and concise delivery and timing of his lyrics, Innate has the power to control a small or large crowd and create an electrifying atmosphere.

After being spotted, way back in the early days, by the infamous Close 2 Death recordings, Innate MC was given the opportunity to display his skills alongside some of the biggest names in the Neurofunk scene. Inevitably, it wasn’t long before he was picked up by Therapy Sessions and various other promoters around the globe, hosting for huge events from within Europe to as far as the Middle East.

After a phenomenal few years, Innate can now be found hosting for the infamous pioneers of dark drum and bass, the one and only Renegade Hardware. Not to mention a number of high octane sets at 2014’s Outlook Festival

One not to shy away from opportunities on the mic, Innate also had his first feature release on Proximity Recordings with Tephra & Arkoze. . .

DJ’s / Producers Innate has worked alongside:

Maztek – Emperor – Audio – Black Sun Empire – Insideinfo – Jade – Icicle – Optiv & BTK – NickBee – June Miller – Neonlight – Qo – Ant TC1 – Xtrah – Stealth – Dose – Cold Fusion – A.M.C – The Clamps – Redject – Jae Overtech – Thelem – Tephra & Arkoze – Kyrist – Overlook – Clarity.





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